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Sat, 02 Nov, 2013 05:32:50 AM
Investigation in Ulvila murder case
FTimes-STT Report, November 2
File picture - Lehtikuva.
An investigation officer of the Ulivila murder case has been suspended on charges of abusing power while discharging duty.
The Satakunta police suspended Inspector Juha Joutsenlahti -- a senior police official -- for misusing power while investigating the sensational murder case in 2007.
Earlier, the state prosecutor bought charges against the police officer, accusing him of providing a photo of a man in advance to the main suspect of the case, Anneli Auer.
The authority sensed that his activities undermined the confidence level of the police force.
Police chief Timo Vuola said Joutsenlahti had to be relieved of his duty immediately for lack of trust.
The re-trial of the Ulvila murder began at Satakunta District Court on August 20, following directives from the Supreme Court.
Accused Anneli Auer, who was convicted for killing her husband in 2006, had been acquitted by the appeal court last year.
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