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Sun, 03 Nov, 2013 12:00:26 AM
FTimes-STT Report, November 3
Talvivaara's main gate on Friday 31 Sotkamossa toukukuuta 2013. Photo - STR/Lehtikuva.
The Kainuu unit of the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and Environment (Ely) has dismissed the possibility of immediately suspending the activities of the Talvivaara nickel mine factory in eastern Finland.
Terming the decision of immediate suspension unjustified, an Ely official also straightaway rejected the concerns raised against the mining factory by a number of organisations including the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.
The Ely decision would help the continuation of the Talvivaara operations and securing permission from the environment authority.
The Ely centre observed that there was no need to believe that the mining factory’s operation would violate the Environmental Protection Act.
The centre is also planning to resolve the issue surrounding water pollution later and has asked the factory to arrangement for the measures to check pollution in line with the authority’s suggestions.
The brownish yellow water released by Talvivaara mine mixed with the water of Lumijoki river on Tuesday. Photo - Lehtikuva.
On October 18, Talvivaara was accused of a number of environment related crimes including polluting air and water by discharging waste materials through leakages that developed in its gypsum pond.
The allegations were revealed after an in-depth investigation conducted over the last two years based on 4,000 pages of written information and reports gathered against the company’s anti-environment activities, police said.
The report also found involvement of a number of officials of the company in outrageous impairment of the environment and not running the company as prescribed by environmental rules.
On April 8, a leak developed in a gypsum pond of the mine, forcing the company to shut down operations to prevent water pollution.
A similar leak appeared in November 2012 at a metal factory of the company.
In a separate incident on August 7, pumping operation at the Talvivaara factory was suspended following closure of a valve after a leakage developed in the pipeline of Sulphuric acid at Sotkamo.
The factory authority claimed that the acid would not reach the ground as the leakage appeared at the protected part and there was no possibility of environmental hazard.
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