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Fri, 08 Nov, 2013 04:36:03 AM
FTimes Report, November 8

The use of internet among the elderly people has increased significantly in the country in the recent period, according to the Statistics Finland.

As many as 27 percent of the elderly people aged between 75 years and 89 years use internet now and the rate is 10 percent higher compared to the previous year, said a press release on Thursday.

 Among  rate of internet use, however, 85 per cent among the people aged from 16 years to 89 years.

Finns use the Internet most for everyday matters, information search and communication. 

In the past three months, 44 per cent of the population had made online purchases or placed online orders. 

The rate of internet use is 92 percent among the population aged 16 to 74, which is two percent higher than the ration of three months back.

 The growth continues mainly among the older age groups because nearly everyone under the age of 55 already use the Internet, the Statistics Finland press release added. 

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