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Wed, 13 Nov, 2013 12:03:33 AM
Interior Minister terms the case as serious
Petri Rainiala replaces Jari Aarnio
FTimes-STT Report, November 13
File picture of Helsinki drug unit police chief Jari Aarnio. Photo - Lehtikuva.
The head of the Helsinki drug unit police, Jari Aarnio, was arrested on Tuesday on charges of various crimes including taking bribes from a private company.
The police also arrested a constable of special branch, company officials and some others in this connection, although the identities of them were not disclosed at the initial stage for the interest of the investigation, said police sources.
The drug unit police boss was allegedly also involved in the misuse of power and in breach of official duty, sources said.
The police said Aarnio was reportedly accused of participating in the procurement process of a private company in exchange of bribes and continued it on various occasions. He was taken into custody in the afternoon.
The accused was involved in various purchase activities of the company and in selling products with different state organisations.
“The investigation is at the initial stage now and we will not disclose the name of the company, amount of bribes and purchase details,” Detective Chief Inspector Kai Käkelä said, adding that some other people have also been detained by conducting home raids.
Käkelä, however, said no other official of the Helsinki police was suspected in connection with the incidents.
“The amount of the bribe money is not small,” said Jukka Haavisto, the head prosecutor of the investigation.
Minister of the Interior Päivi Räsänen. Photo – Str/Lehtikuva.
The criminal activities against the police drug unit boss came to light when the authority examined some previous alleged illegal activities by him.
Earlier, a newspaper reported that Aario helped a prostitute to run flesh trading in the city at the beginning of autumn. Police are also conducting investigation into those claims. 
The police authority suspended the drug unit chief, while Superintendent of the detective police Petri Rainiala replaced him on Tuesday, police sources said.
Helsinki police Commissioner Jukka Riikonen has already taken measures to start official proceedings in this regard and Aarnio will be examined by Riikonen.
Meanwhile, Interior Minister Päivi Räsänen termed the case of the drug unit head of Helsinki police as “serious.”
Räsänen said she would closely follow the progress of the investigation.
The minister believed it was important that the allegations brought against the police personnel would be investigated properly.
“It is too early to decide, whether the structure of the police activities should be modified,” said Räsänen, adding that the authority would consider the issue on completion of the investigation.
Earlier, on September 7, National Police Commissioner Mikko Paatero expressed his wonder regarding the ongoing investigation against Aarnio as he was not informed about the matter.
The commissioner said he was informed about the matter at the end of August, although the Central Rikos Police (Keskus Rikos Poliisi-KRP) initiated an investigation against Jari Aarnio in spring this year.
Prosecutor General Matti Nissinen had at that time commented that he did not see the necessity for informing the police commissioner in this regard.
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