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Mon, 18 Nov, 2013 03:33:57 AM
FTimes-STT Report, November 18

Police on Sunday arrested the wife of the detained Helsinki drug unit police chief, Jari Aarnio on charge of money laundering, MTV3 reported.

Earlier, Aarnio was arrested on November 12 on charges of various crimes including taking bribes from a private company.

According to the MTV3 report, the wife of the alleged criminal was taken into custody  for her reported involvement in aggravated money laundering  from January 2012  to November 12, 2013.

The National Bureau of Investigation has extended its criminal investigation widely towards Aarnio's inner circle, said the report.

The NBI also decided to investigate into the matter of the new house of the police official and its financial sources. The house is now under construction.

The law enforcing agency also conducted extensive search with the dog squad for the hidden money from the residence of the detained police official.

Earlier, the police also arrested a constable of special branch, company officials and some others in this connection.

The drug unit police boss was allegedly also involved in the misuse of power and in breach of official duty, sources said.

The police said Aarnio was reportedly accused of participating in the procurement process of a private company in exchange of bribes and continued it on various occasions. 

The accused was involved in various purchase activities of the company and in selling products with different state organisations.

Earlier, a newspaper reported that Aario helped a prostitute to run flesh trading in the city at the beginning of autumn. Police are also conducting investigation into those claims. 

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