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Thu, 21 Nov, 2013 03:50:14 AM
FTimes-STT Report, November 21

A lawmaker of Keskusta (Centre party) on Wednesday demanded that the government should place report before the House on alleged abuse of power by the police and the internal problems in the government as well.
The party’s parliamentary group chairman, Kimmo Tiilikainen also said that his party had already asked the government for explanations of the issue during the spring.
“The detention of Head of the Helsinki drug police is the latest example of internal problems in police,” Tiilikainen in a statement said, adding that the case was very serious and should be explained in depth.
Ambiguities in the database of National Bureau of Investigation list of suspects mistakenly revealed the name of Russian President Vladimir Putin as one of the suspects.

Apart from the scandals, the political party is also concerned about the weakening of police service as delays regarding police services are rampant in many places.
Police on November 12 arrested the Helsinki drug unit police chief, Jari Aarnio on charge of various crimes including taking bribes from a private company.

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