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Thu, 21 Nov, 2013 04:08:13 AM
FTimes-STT Report, November 21
kaupunkijääkärit the Guard Jaeger Regiment trained at West Port 14 May 2013. Photo - Lehtikuva.
A court on Wednesday convicted six army personnel and awarded different punishments for criminal activities during an exercise of the defence forces.
The Western Uusimaa District Court in a verdict sentenced one solider to three months’ imprisonment and fined five others following allegations that were proved beyond doubt.
A total of eight soldiers from the navy and Utti Jaeger Regiment were brought to justice while two supervising officers had been acquitted.
They were charged with using extreme interrogation methods on some soldiers during the exercise.
One soldier, who was awarded three months, was charged with abuse and breach of service while the rest were fined between €800 and €1,240.
The military exercises were held in the Gulf of Finland in June last year.
It involved hostage situation exercises and also situation of hijacking in which the captured hijackers were taken to a navy ship for interrogation.
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