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Fri, 22 Nov, 2013 02:57:08 AM
Paatero accused of concealing information about bribery of police
FTimes-STT Report, November 22
Commissioner Mikko Paatero, Minister of the Interior Päivi Räsänen and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior Päivi Nerg (right), the Ministry of Interior at a press conference in Helsinki on Thursday. Photo Lehtikuva
Interior minister PäiviRäsänen on Thursday accused National Police Commissioner MikkoPaatero of concealing information about the bribery allegations against the drug unit chief of Helsinki police.
The minister has also asked the police boss to consider his position by the weekend.
Speaking at a press conference in the presence of the police commissioner, the minister said there were valid grounds to accuse the police of violating law and urged the Prosecutor General Office to probe into the matter.
Räsänen said she came to know about the irregularities in investigation on Wednesday, although the police commissioner was informed about it one week ago.
File picture of detained Helsinki drug unit police chief, Jari Aarnio. Photo Lehtikuva
Commissioner Paateroadmitted the police’s failure to specify sources of proper information about the investigation into the bribery and the dug unit chief’s abuse of power.
“As the guardian of the law enforcement agency, we tried to find out the sources of corruption but failed,” said Paatero at the press conference, adding that it was not possible to know everything on his own and that was why he needed to rely on his subordinates.
The police boss also said he did not think that the matter was serious enough for the minister to inform everyone about it. “I understand now that it was my mistake.”
Regarding the time until weekend given to him to consider his post, Paatero said his decision would be ready by Monday.
Police on November 12 arrested JariAarnio, chief of Helsinki Police’s drug unit, on various chargesincluding taking bribe from a private company.
Following the incident, different political parties demanded that the government clarified the issue.
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