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Sat, 23 Nov, 2013 03:41:25 AM
No immediate solution likely
FTimes-STT Report, November 23
Photo - Lehtikuva.
The ongoing strike enforced by the Post and Logistics Union (PAU) is likely to continue and expand further as there was no sign of settlement on the issue of the postal sector collective bargaining.
“It seems that it will take time to reach an understanding,” the PAU Chairman Esa Vilkuna said. 
The postal delivery personnel went on strike in Oulu and Lapland on Friday, causing a delay in distribution of postal documents and goods for two to three days in the northern parts of the country, Itella, the state-run Finnish postal service said.
The postal services are also being hampered at different parts of the country.
The PAU decided to go for strike in Naantali area on Monday and Central Tampere area on Tuesday, if the issue was not settled down by this time, union sources said.
“The strike in the large area next week will hamper postal delivery service seriously,” Vilkuna said.
The parties, however, sat in a negotiation under the leadership of the National Conciliator on Friday where the employer confirmed that the employer-employee negotiations will begin in the spring, said Vilkuna.
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