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Mon, 25 Nov, 2013 12:00:12 AM
FTimes Report, November 25
Share of children in reconstituted families by age in 2012. Source: Statistics Finland.
A majority, some 60 per cent of children living in reconstituted families are the mother's children, according to the 2012 family statistics.
There are some 110,000 underage children living in reconstituted families, which represent ten per cent of all children living in families with underage children.
Close to one-third are joint children and around ten per cent the father's children.  
A reconstituted family is a family with at least one underage child of just one of the parents.
There are some 36,000 children under school-age growing up in reconstituted families of which 70 per cent are joint children, 27 per cent are mother's children, and three per cent are father's children, said the data.
There are 53,000 reconstituted families representing nine per cent of all families with underage children.
Around half of the parents of reconstituted families are married to each other and the rest half cohabit with each other.
Altogether, 46 per cent of reconstituted families only have children that were brought into the family by the mother.
The second most common type of reconstituted families is one with the mother's children and joint children, 38 per cent.
In six per cent of reconstituted families there are only children that were brought into the family by the father.
Four per cent of reconstituted families have both the mother's and father's children but no joint children, according to the statistics.
Reconstituted families that have the father's children and joint children also represent four per cent.
A combination with the mother's and father's children, as well as joint children is quite rare, only around two per cent of reconstituted families are of this type.
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