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Wed, 27 Nov, 2013 03:44:38 AM
FTimes-STT Report, November 27
Photo - Lehtikuva.
The rate at which cohabiting couples engage in fights is higher than that of married couples, says a study report conducted by an organisation named Family federation of Finland.
According to the report, the usual causes of dispute are value and lifestyle. The level mutual understanding among cohabiting couples is lower compared to married couples.
Unmarried couples living together also tend to think more about breaking up than those who are married, said the family barometer survey, conducted for the first time on cohabiting and married relationships.
According to the survey, unions (cohabiting unions) do not differ much to marriage.
Researcher Prof Osmo Kontula said the focal point of the study was to show that cohabiting relationships tend to be equally harmonious and lasting as marriage relationships.
A man and a woman. The couple. Photo - Lehtikuva.
Mostly,  cohabitation and marriage relationships differ in the sense that couples living together without marrying for a long time are on an average less interested in having children than married couples. 
According to the survey, only half of the cohabiting couples had a child by 2013 while 90% of the married couple got children.
The survey also points out that cohabiting couples deal with the aftermath of  breakups less painfully compared to married couples.
Moreover, the breakups are quite similar in cohabitation and marriage relationships. For example, the emotions one experiences during breakup are similar to feelings experienced in post-divorce phases.
The arrangements during breakups and divorce are also similar as in most cases the custody of children is often left to the mother.
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