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Mon, 09 Dec, 2013 04:29:09 AM
New law regarding driving licence soon
FTimes-STT Report, December 9
File picture: Driving school student is practicing driving in Helsinki on 10 May 2010. Photo - Lehtikuva.
The government is going to change the law related to driving licence, with the provision for entitling the parents to give driving training to the children.
After the enactment of the law, the people – particularly the young – would need to go to the driving school mandatorily to learn driving.
Meanwhile, the Finnish Driving Schools Association expressed a negative view on the amendment in the law while Automobile and Touring Club of Finland welcomed the government move.
Leaders of the Driving Schools Association said the amendment regarding change in instructions on the driving licence permit was being done hastily.
They also feared that the changes will lead to the dismissal of about 100 driving school teachers. “The law is being changed so quickly,” said Chairman of Finnish Driving Schools Association Jarmo Jokilampi, adding that the government has been in a hurry without considering the impact on the employment sector.
The Automobile and Touring Club leaders said that the change was necessary as the driving licence was very expensive.
“When the driving schools control the market, the prices rise,” said CEO of  Automobile and Touring Club Pasi Nieminen.
The changes in law regarding the new instructions will come into force next year.
Earlier, on August 27, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi) planned to reduce the places for driving test with the view to introduce a uniform driving testing system in the country. 
The association of the driving schools in the country, however, criticised the plan saying it would reduce the number of driving learning schools.
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