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Tue, 10 Dec, 2013 05:17:54 AM
FTimes-STT Report, December 10
During 2012, the exports were altogether worth EUR 113 million, although the country declined a number of arms purchase applications made by different nations.
The group observed that exports to the Middle East region had fell, but pointed out that exports of military cartridges to Turkey had increased significantly compared to the previous year.
Photo - Lehtikuva.
On the other hand, Finland also exported arms and military equipments to countries having poor human rights record.
The country, also disapproved a number of purchase orders from different countries such as Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.
In 2010, Finland granted Bahrain an export licence worth EUR 875,000 in two separate consignments of precision rifles. In contrast, last year Bahrain wanted to get more cartridges but the defence ministry did not respond to the purchase appeal.
In 2012, exports of ammunition to Saudi Arabia were worth EUR 195,000. Moreover, the country rejected all the 349 purchase orders made by different countries seeking silencer rifles.
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