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Sat, 28 Dec, 2013 03:43:54 AM
Man sustained bullet wounds in Satakunta
FTimes-STT Report, December 28
The man who is suspected of shooting at the police during the violence on Christmas day in Sodankylä was arrested on Friday, police said.
Sources said the 30-year-old man hailing from Sodankylä is suspected for the attempted murders of two persons.
Earlier, the clash took place after the police received an alarm of the suspect in Pohjantie in the morning of Christmas day. Soon after the arrival of police, the man who carried a rifle and a shotgun reportedly began shooting at the police.
The police resorted to use firearms themselves when the man did not pay heed to the police order to surrender, and as a result the man was wounded in the exchange and the police sustained scratches.
According to the police, the action of the man posed danger to passers-by owing the fact that it happened in a public place.
The police did not disclose the reason behind the incident as the Oulu District Court has ordered that the case should be kept secret.
 Meanwhile, a man sustained bullet wounds in his lower body as result of a shooting incident in Pori on early Friday.
The incident took place in the center of the town at Gallen-Kallelankatu at 1:15am and the police suspect the shooter was possibly riding a bicycle.
The victim was rushed to the main hospital in Satakunta and placed in the intensive unit.
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