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Sun, 29 Dec, 2013 03:48:11 AM
FTimes-STT Report, December 29
A man was killed and another wounded critically when a running train knocked them down at Hankkio area in Tampere Saturday night.
Witnesses said the accident took place around 6:30pm when the speeding train struck the two.
One of them, about 35 years old, died on the spot while the other, about 50 years old, sustained serious wounds. The injured person was taken to a hospital immediately, police said.
Police also said both the victims were residents of Tampere. 
The reason behind the accident could not be known immediately as the wounded person was still to be fit enough to speak to anyone.
The Train was moving at about 120 kilometres per hour speed. Moreover, visibility was also poor because it was a rainy and overcast day. Under the circumstances, the driver also did not get any chance to avert the accident, police said.
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