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Thu, 02 Jan, 2014 02:29:22 AM
FTimes-STT Report, January 2
Fire took place at a day-care centre at Leppävaara area in Espoo early Wednesday. Photo - Lehtikuva.
Three people were burnt to death in two separate fire incidents at Kempele and Joensuu early Wednesday.
Police said two people died in a fire at a residential home at Kempele in Northern Ostrobothnia on the night of the New Year.
The rescue and emergency service reported that they had received the alarm from a passer-by around 4am; but the house was already engulfed in fire when the brigade arrived at the Juurussuontie Street.
The fire fighters found two bodies inside the house who were roasted alive.
The police, however, failed to either identify the bodies or find out the reason behind the incident and investigation was on in this regard.
Meanwhile, in another incident, a man died and a woman sustained burn wounds when a fire broke out in an apartment at Tohmajärvi city centre on the same night.
Sources said the man and his mother were injured in the fire and rushed to a hospital in Joensuu where the man succumbed to his injuries.
Fire fighters responding to an alarm at about 4am rushed to the Talluksentie Street and evacuated the residents from the building as smoke spread to the staircases of the three-storey building.
Another fire incident took place at a day-care centre in the Leppävaara area in Espoo early Wednesday but no major damage was reported.
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