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Thu, 02 Jan, 2014 12:33:37 AM
FTimes Report, January 2
Deaths caused by accidental stumbles or falls in 1982 to 2012. Source: Statistics Finland.
A total of 1,156 people died from accidental stumbles and falls in 2012, of which 609 were men and 547 women, shows Statistics Finland’s data.  
Three-quarters of the stumbles resulting in death occurred to people aged over 70, according to the data.
In the past 20 years, such deaths have increased by 40%. In addition, stumbling or falling was a contributing factor in over 800 deaths.
However, accidental stumbles and falls resulting in death are rare among young people under 30. 
In the past few years, less than 10 such cases have occurred per year. In 2012, one-fifth of those who died as a result of stumbling were aged from 40 to 69. 
Among this age group, eight out of ten victims of stumbling accidents were men and over one-third were intoxicated. 
Relative to the number of living women and men, there were more stumbles resulting in death in relative terms among aged men than among women. 
Age distribution of persons that died from accidental stumbles or falls in 2012. Source: Statistics Finland.
Stumbles are the commonest cause of accidental deaths among aged persons and they cause more deaths per year than, for example, suicides, according to the statistics.
Dementia mortality has increased by 40% in the past five years. By contrast, the number of suicides decreased further in 2012.
The longer life expectancy is visible in the age distribution of deaths. Nearly two out of three of the deceased were over 75 and every third person was over 85.
Increased mortality of aged people is visible in causes of death primarily as a growing number of deaths from dementia and diseases of the circulatory system.
39% of deaths in 2012 were caused by diseases of the circulatory system, the statistics show. 
The second highest number of deaths – 23% – was caused by neoplasms.
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