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Tue, 14 Jan, 2014 04:18:39 AM
FTimes Report, January 14
State Secretary Andrei Nahkala on Monday voiced concerns that there were signs of growth in all forms of organised extremism in the country, but added that violent extremism was not yet a major problem in Finland. 
The state secretary was speaking at a Nordic ministerial meeting in Copenhagen on the prevention of violent extremism, according to a government press release.
Finland wanted to develop and implement a prevention policy to efficiently keep the level of extremist violence in the country low, the secretary said.
“The vast majority of crimes committed with extremist influence are done by right-wing extremists. Extreme left activity is lower than the extreme right,” he added.
“There are signs that a militant anti-fascist movement is growing in response to the visibility that the extreme right has gained in the recent years”, said Nahkala.
The Finnish Muslim population is moderate and radical views have not gained public support. 
Nahkala said country’s biggest concern was the same as in many other countries.
“There is a risk that young second-generation Muslim men will be radicalised, and sudden domestic or international events could also provoke violent reactions. Some people from Finland, too, have travelled by themselves, as groups or even with their families to fight in Syria,” he voiced concerns.
The state secretary underscored the need for increasing awareness of violent radicalization. 
The first national action plan to prevent violent extremism was published in Finland in mid-2012 and it is currently being implemented, he added. 
A key objective of the action plan is to prevent violent extremism in its early forms through local measures and cooperation between the authorities and civil society.
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