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Wed, 29 Jan, 2014 02:51:46 AM
FTimes-STT Report, January 29
File picture of Tampere House. Photo Lehtikuva.
Tampere and its nearby municipalities are set to devise a model that will foster closer cooperation between the municipalities in the region to avoid forced mergers.
The region is set to come up with a two-tier plan in which the municipalities are to collaborate but at the same time remain partially independent.
The first alternative plan would create a regional city and between 12 and 13 service areas. The  ideal population of the service base would be at least 50,000 inhabitants, according to Rauno Saari, an administrator. 
The model will also see the partitioning of Tampere since it is included in the plan.
The model also proposes that Tampere and its partner municipalities will elect its own councils both for the regional city with the region of 350,000 population and also for the small services areas.
The issues of taxation and portfolio are still under discussion. The municipal councils involved in this plan will discuss all the models on April 14.
The new model will be presented as a European city that joined a large urban unit with small independent areas.
The second model proposed that the nearby municipalities should be merged to Tampere.
However, the idea of this kind of a merger has not been very popular and seemed not to attract support.
The Finnish Local Government Act, however, does not identify with the model plan.
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