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Friday, 24 May, 2019
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Fri, 09 May, 2014 02:53:38 AM
FTimes-STT Report, May 9

The government has proposed that it should be made possible to reduce the number of electoral districts in the country.

The proposal would amend the constitution in such a way that there would be a minimum of nine and a maximum of 12 electoral districts in the country.

Currently there are 12-18 electoral districts in the mainland.

A couple of years back, four constituencies were merged into two. The change gave a provision to have a minimum of 12 electoral districts.

“No longer will it be possible to be done within the framework of the constitution, for example to merge electoral districts,” said Tuula Majuri from the Ministry of Justice.

Tuula, however, said the need for merger may arise when internal migration will concentrate towards the south.

According to the government, the change will secure regional representation.


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