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Sat, 10 May, 2014 12:08:59 AM
20 die in work-related accidents in 2013
FTimes-STT Report, May 10
Two people were killed in the collapsed soil below are in Espoo. Photo – Lehtikuva.
Two Estonian workers died Friday afternoon after being buried alive while working on a trench in the Espoo Mankkaa neighbourhood.
The duo met the fate when a mass of soil fell upon them when they were working on a 3-metre-deep trench, police and eyewitnesses said.
A third person noticed the incident and rushed to rescue the men but failed.
The rescue and emergency department received the alarm at 2:00 pm. It took them several minutes to retrieve the bodies from underneath the soil.
According to the chief rescue officer, the soil was unsupported and eroded quite fast.
Photo – Lehtikuva.
The authorities on Friday were yet to gather details of the accident but police and safety officials who investigating it are expected to come up with more details over the weekend.
Realia, the company managing the housing property has not offered any comment on the issue.
Statistics show 20 to 50 accident fatalities occur a year at work places in the country.
According to preliminary data from Statutory Accident Insurance, 20 employees died in work-related accidents last year while the figure in the previous year was 28.
The data also reveals that women fatalities are rare and about one to two women die annually as a result of work-related accidents.
Insurance companies last year compensated around 123,000 employees against work-related accidents.
Statistics Finland data shows more than 142,000 work-related accidents took place in the country in 2011.
Most accidents occurred at work places or in work-place traffic and slightly over 23,000 accidents took place while employees were commuting.
In November last year, a Ghanaian drowned in Vuoksi harbour in Imatra.
In September, a middle-aged man died while working on an electrical installation in a detached house in Viriinkangas of Rovaniemi.
In April last year, a Polish man was electrocuted to death in Savitaipale while on power line inspection and repair duty.
In March 2012, a district heating installer was killed in Tampere a month after he had suffered severe burns.
In October 1984, a man died at a metal company in Lisalmi when he fell on top of a heavy metal object.
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