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Sun, 15 Jun, 2014 12:08:04 AM
Petteri Orpo to be appointed as minister
FTimes-STT Report, June 15
Newly elected chair of Kokoomus Alexander Stubb after the results at Sibelius Hall in Lahti during the party council on Saturday. Photo – Lehtikuva.
Newly elected president of the ruling Kansallinen Kokoomus (National Coalition Party-NCP) Alexander Stubb, who is expected to take over as the prime minister this month, said on Saturday that he would like to form his cabinet with the existing ministers.
Speaking at a press conference after being elected the chair of the Kokoomus, Stubb in particular expected that Paula Risikko, the minister of Social Affairs and Health and Jan Vapaavuori, the minister of Economic Affairs, who contested against him in the race for the party chair, would be in the cabinet.
Alexander Stubb, the incumbent minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade also said that new faces would also be included in the cabinet and named Kokoomus parliamentary group chief Petteri Orpo as a probable minister.
Talking to news agency STT, Orpo also expressed his interest to be a minister, although he did not say anything about a specific portfolio.
Photo Lehtikuva.
The new Kokoomus chair also said that the new cabinet would be formed before mid-summer.
Replying to queries from the journalists, Stubb said the fiscal adjustment plan of saving is a very difficult task, but it should be implemented soon.
He also believes that Finance Minister Antti Rinne of the Social Democratic Party, the second biggest component of the five-party ruling alliance, would co-operate with him in this regard.
The new Kokoomus chief, however, did not reply directly to a question about the finance minister’s suggestion of putting forward EUR 600 million for economic growth and job creation.
“We all certainly agreed with the frames (fiscal adjustment) and the ceilings,” said Stubb, adding that he thinks Antti Rinne has good ideas for employment and growth and the government will take the necessary measures together in the coming days.
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