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Mon, 01 Sep, 2014 01:51:44 AM
FTimes-STT Report, Sept 1
The time taken to process income support applications is being surpassed nationally, reported the Finnish language newspaper Savon Sanomat.
According to the law, income support applications must be processed in seven working days and the most urgent applications even faster.
Marjut Eskelinen, a senior officer from the Valvira-National Supervisory Authority, said the time limit to process the applications have been surpassed in about 200 municipalities.
There are 320 municipalities in the country and processing the applications falls under the responsibility of Valvira and the Regional State Administrative Agencies.
The increased number of applications has been attributed as one factor contributing to the occurrence.
The processing time was still under control in 2010-2011.
In summer, the National Institute for Health and Welfare released for the first time a report on the processing time of income support applications.
According to the report, on an average nine per cent of the applications made in the month of April were delayed.
According to Eskelinen, the situation was far much worse in many places during the summer.
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