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Thu, 04 Sep, 2014 12:04:23 AM
FTimes-STT Report, Sept 4
Three Finnish biometric passport, the animal pictured is a different species from the image below in the name. Sparrowhawk, frogs and otters images according to experts, the wrong species. Photo – Lehtikuva.
Printed images of three species of animals which appear on the inside pages of the country’s passport do not correspond to the names of the species listed below the images, according to an evaluation of the Finnish Museum of Natural History- LUOMUS.
The images of sparrow hawk, frog and otter which appear on separate pages in the passport are different species to the names listed below, states LUOMUS.
According to the National Police Board, the images of the species are artworks. The images of the animal species were designed by a graphic artist from the Dutch graphic design company Morpho, said the police.
News agency STT was not able to reach the graphic designer.
Photo – Lehtikuva.
National Police Board Project Manager Kari Kanto said the images were designed in collaboration with Finns stating that it was not a matter of foreigners relying on guess work.
Kanto was not able to say whether naturalists took part in the designing of the images. According to Kanto, the passport does not read that images printed are animal species which would be found in the country.
Minna Gråsten, head of permit department at the National Police Board, on the other hand, said the images chosen to appear in the passport are special animals found in the country.
Ilpo Hansku, a senior curator at LUOMUS, referred to the image of otter which appears on page 40 of the passport as more of a sea otter found in the Pacific Ocean than the otter found in Finland.
The images will not be corrected, according to Gråsten.
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