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Tue, 09 Sep, 2014 02:54:39 AM
FTimes-STT Report, Sept 9

The detained former Helsinki police drug unit chief Jari Aarnio is suspected of using more than half a million euros in cash, reported the Finnish language evening tabloid Iltalehti.

The money had been spent in the last 10 years for buying goods from automotive stores and building materials as well as offered as loans to different people.

The Iltalehti report said it was found through a basic research and review of some bank statements.

According to the report, they found significant cash deposits from bank extracts.

The researchers suspect the money came from drug offences.

Aarnio was arrested on November 12, 2013 on charges of crimes including taking bribes from a private company.  

He is also suspected of receiving kickbacks from Trevoc Company and being involved in procurement of supplies from the same company for his employer.

Almost 30 charges have so far been pressed against Aarnio. The former chief of the Helsinki police drug unit, however, denies all of them.

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