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Sat, 13 Sep, 2014 12:01:25 AM
FTimes Report, Sept 13

The five-party alliance government led by Prime Minister Alexander Stubb on Friday weathered a no-confidence motion in the parliament.

 The government got 95 votes against 71 cast in favour of the opposition while 33 legislators remained absent.

The no-confidence motion came after the opposition  Persusuomalaiset (Finns Party) tabled an interpellation in the parliament against the police reform project.

Earlier, speaking on the issue in the parliament on Wednesday, Interior Minister Päivi Räsänen strongly refuted allegations against the police reform project of reducing services and internal security. 

The minister pointed out that police stations are hardly closed and the administrative reform has not undermined the ability of the police to handle emerge calls in smaller localities.

 In addition, the minister clarified that traffic control has not decreased and neither has road safety deteriorated.

It was the first no-confidence motion against the Stubb led government.

The past government of  Jyrki Katainen during his three-year regime survived  a total of 16 confidence motions on various issues.

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