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Sun, 14 Sep, 2014 12:02:27 AM
FTimes-STT Report, Sept 14
Photo - Lehtikuva.
Ten former female employees of the chain market Lidl fired in October 2013 have claimed a compensation of about EUR 190,000 as they termed their dismissal not made following proper procedures.
The Lidl authorities terminated the workers from Varsinaissuomi area on charge of taking away unsold products from the market’s bakery store.
The authorities showed theft as the reason behind the termination but the workers said the dismissal was illegal as proper procedures were not followed in the process.
The workers said the authorities did not even issue any warning before the termination and they were not prohibited from taking the goods before the dismissal.
According to the employees, it had been a well-established custom for workers to take away unsold products for years and the management was informed about it.
The employees said they were called to the manager’s office and terminated without any warning. 
They claimed the real reason behind the termination was the ongoing renovation of the market and the employers could ill afford to keep the workers in the store during the renovation.
The Lidl authorities, however, said all of its 4,200 employees know that the products cannot be taken for personal use and must be treated in accordance with the instructions. 
Some of the products go to the factory while others go to different places for further processing.
In this case the workers from Lidl had taken the products repeatedly, said the authorities.
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