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Wed, 17 Sep, 2014 02:37:52 AM
FTimes Report, Sept 17

The permanent secretaries of all Finnish and Estonian ministries on Tuesday visited the OECD in Paris for a simultaneous review of the governance policies of the two countries under preparation in the OECD.
The rare comparative country review will be directed at the development needs of policy decision-making, strategic steering of ministerial governance, and e-government, said a press release of the Government Communications Department issued earlier on the day.  
According to the release, it is the first time in the OECD’s history that the systems of two countries will be examined on a comparative basis in this way.

The OECD provides Finland with a useful cooperation forum not only for sector-specific reviews but also for comprehensive review of society as a whole.
The OECD is in many areas, for example in taxation and corporate responsibility issues, the most important setter of global ground rules and standards. The focus of the organisation’s activities in economic policy has shifted from assessment of economic analyses and macro-economic policy towards structural policy.
OECD Secretary General Angel Gurría welcomed the two countries’ permanent secretaries.

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