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Home NATIONAL5 school kids hurt in pellet-gun shooting
Sat, 27 Sep, 2014 12:19:30 AM
FTimes-STT Report, Sept 27
Five children were hit by pellets fired by an unidentified man at a school playground in Joensuu on Friday.

According to the police, no one was injured in the incident that took place during the school’s break time minutes after 10am.

The school had an open day and some parents were present.

According to the police, the shooter was a man or a young man wearing an orange Airsoft mask used in recreational shooting.

Incidents in which people are shot by replica firearms happen quite often but shooting of children in the middle of a school day is very rare, said the police.

Shooting from a replica firearm is not threatening, but it can inflict damage to the eyes.

The police have called on the witnesses to contact them.
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