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Thu, 02 Oct, 2014 12:00:32 AM
FTimes Report, October 2
File picture of the minister of Justice Anna-Maja Henriksson. Photo – Lehtikuva.
Minister of Justice Anna-Maja Henriksson said on Wednesday international cooperation is an imperative in the prevention of child sexual abuse online, as offenders who exploit children online may operate outside the framework of national boundaries.
Henriksson was speaking at a ministerial conference in Washington with prevention of child sexual abuse online as its topic, according to a government press release.
Finland has, together with 53 other countries, committed itself to Global Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse Online which aims to combat sexual abuse of children.
In the conference, the ministers adopted a declaration in order to facilitate international cooperation in the investigation of abuse cases of this kind.
“We must enhance cooperation between the competent authorities and international mutual legal assistance in order to ensure that the countries committed to the Alliance get timely access to the necessary information and evidence,” Henriksson emphasised.
The objective of the Global Alliance is to more effectively identify and help the victims of sexual abuse and to more effectively identify and prosecute the offenders. The Alliance also aims to increase awareness of the risks posed by children’s activities on the Internet.
In Finland, information on these risks has been spread for example via activities of the Internet police and campaigns run by various NGOs.
“We have in practice observed that long-lasting results in the prevention of these offences require collaboration between the authorities, civil society, NGOs and Internet service providers,” Henriksson noted.
Henriksson also reminds that when supporting a child as a victim and the child’s family, active multiprofessional cooperation between the authorities, such as the police, prosecutor, school, daycare, psychiatric care and health care, is required.
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