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Sat, 18 Oct, 2014 04:20:33 AM
ASEM Summit in Milan
Ftimes - Report, Oct. 18
The prime minister participated in the ASEM Summit of Heads of State or Government from Asia and Europe held on Thursday and Friday.
“The world is global, yet many issues are being viewed from a narrow, local perspective. For world trade, it is of utmost importance that the deadlock in the WTO talks is broken,” said Stubb.
The premier also underscored the importance of connectivity between Europe and Asia, singling the Arctic cooperation as one of the key issues. He called for joint problem-solving capabilities in respect to climate and energy issues. 
“In these efforts, we will need new clean technologies – Cleantech. Our economies cannot perform in the long term, if we do not have access to clean electricity, clean fuels and clean water,” said the premier.
ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) is a forum for cooperation between Asia and Europe, which seeks to promote dialogue and mutual understanding between the two continents. 
Some 50 countries from Europe and Asia are taking part in the meeting, according to the release.
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