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Tue, 21 Oct, 2014 12:40:28 AM
Stubb meets new Swedish premier
FTimes –Xinhua Report, Oct. 21

It is important to carry on an open dialogue with Russia about Baltic security, said the Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb when discussing the current situation near Stockholm with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven on Monday.

     Lofven, who just took office in the beginning of October, made his first official visit to neighboring Finland and met with his Finnish counterpart on Monday.

     The prime ministers discussed the ongoing events near Stockholm, where the Swedish navy is said to be hunting for a possible foreign underwater vessel.

     "There is no submarine hunt underway, there is an ongoing intelligence gathering operation," Lofven said in the press conference after meeting with Stubb.


  Stubb pointed out that the situation should not be over-dramatized, saying that it is also important to try to carry on an open dialogue with Russia.

     However, Stubb speculated that the increased Russian activity in the Baltic might be linked to the Ukraine crisis, as military exercises done by both Russia and NATO are increasing recently.

     In addition, the prime ministers also talked about international, EU, climate energy and economic affairs, including the Ukraine situation and the EU's internal market.

     On his visit, Lofven has also met with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto, Minister of Finance Antti Rinne and Speaker of Parliament Eero Heinaluoma.

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