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Tue, 16 Dec, 2014 12:07:57 AM
FTimes - STT Report, Decc. 16
A Court of Appeal in Helsinki upheld the sentence of a 50-year-old man to 20 months conditional imprisonment and community service for assaulting and threatening his elderly father.

The appeal court reinstated the previous ruling by the District Court.

In summer of 2013, the convicted man went to attack his 85-year-old father at midnight at his home near Helsinki. He hit and kicked his father threatening him with a pellet gun.

According to the victim's account, his son had demanded that he sign a family inheritance related document.

The court termed the assault aggravated since the elderly man was subjected to serious nature of violence which included hitting the elderly man on the head.

The son was also ordered to compensate his father just shy of 4,000 euros in damages.
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