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Wed, 17 Dec, 2014 12:07:05 AM
FTimes-STT Report, Dec 17

Jari Aarnio, suspended head of Helsinki Police drug unit, arrived in court on Tuesday to answer charges related to his alleged involvement in bribery, fraud and abuse of office related to investigation surrounding Trevoc, a tracking device company.

On his arrival, Aarnio was photographed by a number of media representatives before the court proceedings began.

The prosecutor is demanding a minimum of four years imprisonment for Arnio’s alleged involvement in the crimes. Aarnio denied the charges.

Besides Aarnio, nine other suspects are accused, including the former boss of United Brotherhood criminal organisation. On his part, the prosecutor is calling for a minimum of two years prison sentence.

The prosecutors suspect that Aarnio was involved in Trevoc’s activities while at the same time participated in the acquisition of tracking devices for the Helsinki Police Department.

The devices were also dispatched to the Customs, the security police and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at a cost of about 1.2 million euros.

Aarnio’s lawayer Riitta Leppiniemi denied any involvement of her client in the tracking device company, stating that the allegations are unfounded.

Before the start of the session, Leppiniemi said that Aarnio has experienced difficulties during the pre-trial detention, but is relieved since the trial has finally begun.

The main hearing regarding the Trevoc investigations begins in January.

Aarnio, who is under suspicion of a number of offences, has been in detention since November 2013.

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