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Fri, 19 Dec, 2014 04:08:16 AM
FTimes - Xinhua Report, Dec. 19


 The former head of the drug related crimes unit of Helsinki police is facing charges for a number of serious crimes.

On Thursday state prosecutors demanded Jari Aarnio be given a thirteen-year sentence on drug crimes. He had allegedly arranged imports of hashes to Finland.

Earlier this week prosecution demanded a four-and-half-year sentence for crimes that included his accepting bribes and misuse of civil servant position.

The charges were related to Aarnio's relationship with the Finnish surveillance equipment manufacturer Trevoc Oy.

Aarnio has denied all the charges.

After more than a year of being detained, he appeared in court this week.

He was not allowed to make any statements during the preparatory session, but will be doing so once the actual court hearings begin.

According to the prosecution, Aarnio had been in a double role with a financial interest in the surveillance equipment manufacturer, while being able to direct purchases of the police to the company.

First media reports about the police investigation against Aarnio appeared in September 2013. The investigation began in May 2013 when a prostitute went to the Interior Ministry to report about Aarnio. Aarnio was arrested in November 2013.

Investigators found out that Trevoc had connections with organized crime.

Trevoc surveillance equipment had been widely purchased by Finnish authorities. Those wanting compensation for not being able to use them any longer include the Finnish Security Police (SUPO) and the Foreign Ministry.


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