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Wed, 14 Jan, 2015 03:11:35 AM
FTimes-STT Report, Jan 14
Girl is playing game in computer. File Photo Lehtikuva.
A new website,  which provides support for those who harbour sexual oriented sentiments towards minors, has been launched with an aim of preventing sexual exploitation of the minors.
The website launched by Save the Children Finland offers information on how to get help for people interested in online child pornography.
The website also offers information on the impacts of sexual exploitation on the children and the laws which touch on the subject in the country.
According to the organisation, the website alone is not enough to prevent sexual exploitation of the children.
Finland lacks a general rehabilitation programme which is specifically targeted towards paedophiles.
At present, rehabilitation is available only for those already convicted for crimes.
According to experts from Save the Children Finland and The Criminal Sanctions Agency, support and treatment at an early stage to those considered to be in the risk-group can prevent completely some of the cases of child sexual exploitation.
"Many clients have said that they would have liked to get help earlier, but it was not available or the know-how in dispensing it was lacking," says Nina Nurminen a prison psychologist at the Criminal Sanctions Agency.
Jenni Häikiö, a digital media expert at Save the Children Finland says that preventive services intended for potential sex offenders and paedophiles have yielded positive experiences. For instance, in Sweden, there is a helpline intended for this group.
"There is no reason to assume that the need to for such preventive services in Finland should be lesser than in the rest of the world," says Häikiö.
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