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Thu, 15 Jan, 2015 12:02:22 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Jan 15

The second day of the trail of detained former Helsinki drugs unit police chief Jari Aarnio’s breach of office, fraud and bribery cases continued at the Helsinki District Court.

The Court also heard the defence concerning the accusations related to Aarnio's alleged involvement in the operations of Trevoc, a tracking device company.

State Prosecutor Jarmo Hirvonen said Aarnio participated in acquisitions of the Helsinki Police Department while at the same time he was involved in the company's operations.

Furthermore, it is alleged that Aarnio happened to be one of the owners of the company through a complex arrangement.

The prosecutor believes that the authorities were misled in the tracking device acquisitions.

The prosecutor said the people behind Trevoc's funding and decision making were kept secret referring to a leading figure of a criminal organisation.

"If the authorities had been aware of any hidden issues, no acquisitions of device from Trevoc would have been made at all," said Hirvonen during the first day of trial on Monday.

Aarnio denies all the charges.

First media reports about the police investigation against Aarnio appeared in September 2013. The investigation began in May 2013 when a prostitute went to the Interior Ministry to report about Aarnio. Aarnio was arrested in November 2013.


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