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Fri, 16 Jan, 2015 03:05:04 AM
Finns Party terms immigration as possible terrorism risk
Internationalism, immigration and multiculturalism termed as assets
FTimes-STT Report, Jan 16
Prime Minister Alexander Stubb spoke in parliament on Thursday. Photo Lehtikuva.
Prime Minister Alexander Stubb on Thursday called for distinguishing normal immigration from terrorism in discussions.
The Premier’s remarks comes after Perussuomalaiset (Finns Party) had raised in Parliament the issue of recent terrorism act in Paris and potential risks that could arise in the country due to immigration.
Speaking during the Parliament question time, Stubb singled out the words terrorism, immigrant, integration, Muslim and Paris during the debate.
"We have to be very careful in this debate. The words terrorism, immigrant, integration, Muslim and Paris attacks have already transpired in this (debate)," said Stubb.
According to Stubb, immigration is a good thing whereby people tend to move to a country together with their families, to study or to work.
"We must not confuse these issues with terrorism and security threat because then we will be labelling and stigmatising the internationality of Finland," said Stubb.
The Premier added that internationalism, immigration and multiculturalism are the assets and not a threat.
The Finns Party on their part criticised the country's integration policy as a total failure when young people growing up in the country have left to fight in countries such as Iraq and Syria.
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