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Fri, 16 Jan, 2015 03:17:25 AM
FTimes Report, Jan 16


Finns' conception of the world's poverty is much gloomier than reality, a survey commissioned by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs revealed.

Nearly eight out of ten Finns, that is 76 percent, believe that poverty has increased in the world since the year 1990.
In reality, the share of the poor among the world's population has declined by one-half, and the number has dropped by 700 million in the last 25 years, the survey discloses.
Similarly, only 11 per cent of Finns know that the infant mortality rate has fallen by one-half during the same period.
The survey was ordered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and carried out by the research company Taloustutkimus, said a press release of the Ministry on Thursday.
Finns are the gloomiest when asked to estimate what share of children in developing countries go to school, how well equality between boys and girls is implemented in basic education, and how comprehensively women are able to use effective methods of contraceptives should they wish to do so.
More than eight out of ten Finns believe that less than half of children in developing countries attend school.
In reality, more than 90 per cent of children in developing countries can now start primary school. School attendance has increased the most in Africa—almost 20 percentage points since 2000.
Only two per cent of Finns are able to estimate correctly that for one hundred boys in first grade, there are 95 girls sitting in school, according to the survey.
"The credit and the responsibility for development lie first and foremost with developing countries themselves. Finland, for its part, has supported progress," Development Minister Sirpa Paatero states.
Finland has promoted the spread of school attendance for example through bilateral development cooperation in many developing countries and as the chair of the United Nations children's organization UNICEF in 2013.
Finland has promoted maternal health, among others, as one of the biggest donors of the United Nations Population Programme UNFPA.
One thousand Finns were interviewed between 16 and 29 December 2014 for the survey.  
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