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Sun, 26 Apr, 2015 12:08:50 AM
FTimes-STT Report, April 26
Chairman of the Suomen Kesksusta (Centre Party) Juha Sipilä spoke at a party council on Saturday. Photo Lehtikuva.
Support for the possible coalition government will be discussed in a joint meeting of representatives of parliamentary groups, probably on May 6 or May 7, said Suomen Kesksusta (Centre Party) Chairman Juha Sipilä at a party council on Saturday.
Keskusta won the highest 49 seats out of the 200 seats in parliament and its chief Sipilä has been tasked with forming the coalition.
In the Kesksusta council in Helsinki, Sipilä said mutual trust between parties can be established and results will be obtained, given time. 
The Kesksusta chairman rejected doubts about vagueness and ambiguity in interpreting the coming government programme. 
He said he considers it his personal responsibility to see that the doubts do not materialize.
“I will require from all parties participating in the coalition negotiations clearly defined projects and concrete measures for all strategic objectives,” said Sipilä, adding that the parliamentary groups will receive on Tuesday a hefty packet of questions to be answered. 
The replies will be carefully considered over the Labour Day weekend (May 1 to May 3).
“We will clarify answers by telephone, and we will meet with parliamentary group representatives one on one on Tuesday, May 5. When the base of support for the coalition is clear, the Wednesday or Thursday after Labour Day, we will begin negotiations on the government programme,” Sipilä said.
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