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Home NATIONALMan held in airport bomb threat connection at Helsinki Airport
Fri, 12 Jun, 2015 12:07:44 AM
FTimes – STT Report, June 12
The airliner which was scheduled to depart for Finland on Wednesday at 10:30 pm was grounded at Stockholm Arlanda airport because it was subjected to a bomb threat which came from Finland.
A Swedish police spokesman told the Swedish paper Aftonbladet that the threat was made orally at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.
“As far as I understand, he (the Finnish man) came to the airport in Helsinki and made the threat there,” said the spokesman, Kjell Lindgren.
According to Lindgren, the Finnish police arrested the man and informed the threat to the Swedish authorities.
According to the online Swedish newspaper Expressen, 53 passengers were aboard the grounded plane.
The passengers are reported to have responded calmly to the situation, a representative of SAS told the Expressen.
“Our focus is to take care of the passengers. We have experienced staff who explained to the passengers what is at stake. For the sake of their safety their aircraft was changed,” the SAS representative told the Expressen.
Xinhua adds: The threat was made at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport in Finland. The Finnish police told the local media that the man was a foreigner and had been detained.
The case is being investigated as “unfounded notice about a danger”.
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