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Sat, 13 Jun, 2015 12:04:01 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Jun 13
The man is accused of making a false alarm, an offence which carries a maximum penalty of a year in prison.
The 49-year-old man of foreign background arrived on Wednesday from St. Petersburg and informed the Border Guard authorities at the Helsinki Airport about the bomb.
According to the man, the bomb was inside the SAS airliner which was scheduled to depart Stockholm Arlanda airport for Helsinki on Wednesday evening.
The aircraft which already had been boarded was grounded, inspected and the passengers transferred but no explosive was found.
During the hearing, the man told the court that he only informed about the risk that there could be a bomb inside the aircraft.
The man said that he only acted to save lives.
The suspect hoped for the case to be transferred to Sweden, and said he could reveal to the Swedish authorities why he suspected there was a bomb in the plane.
The Swedish authorities, however, accepted the case be heard in Finland, said the Finnish police.
The Finnish authorities have promised the investigation will proceed quickly.
"As soon as we get compensation claim from SAS in this matter, the investigation will be in practice finished," said the investigating officer Kimmo Hyvärinen.
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