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Mon, 15 Jun, 2015 12:02:32 AM
FTimes Report, June 15
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Renovation of Highway 4 in Rovaniemi is progressing fast, already a year ahead of the schedule.
The highway could be back in use as early as the coming autumn. Originally, the project comprised of two new interchanges, eight new bridges and numerous underpasses was planned to be completed by the autumn of 2016.
Motorised and pedestrian traffic south of the city centre has been disrupted since the project began last August. The disruption, however, could be over as soon as the coming autumn, as the project is moving forward at a record pace.
“This has gone very well. The work began in august and we have already finished five concrete bridges, and construction of three more has begun,” said Keijo Heikkilä, project manager of the Transport Agency. 
“By autumn, we intend to have all the road surfaces finished and ready for traffic use.” By the time the paving season ends in October, all the roads should be paved.
“The project will be completed, at least on the highway side of things, a full year ahead of schedule,” said Heikkilä.
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The project has been flying forward, and it does not intend to slow down over the summer.
In early June, the intersection between Highway 4 and Isoaavantie at the Alakorkalo service station junction will be closed off and traffic will be directed through Alakorkalontie toward the city centre.
A large section of the road between Isoaavantie and Oijustie will be dug up and renovated. By midsummer the highway should be back in use.
However, the joy of free-flowing traffic will be short lived, as renovation of the old bridge going north on Viirinkankaantie will begin. The bridge will be partially closed, as the renovation work will take up two of the four lanes of traffic.
“It is necessary to repair the bridge one half at a time. That way, traffic can continue while we fix one side, and then the other. Renovations of the old bridge are expected to last until August or September and, of course, there will be an inconvenience to traffic,” Heikkilä said.
“Small construction work and the finishing will last far into 2016.”
But when will drivers be able to use both sides of the bridge? “Sometime in late September. That’s when we plan on starting the final touches,” said Heikkilä.
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