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Mon, 15 Jun, 2015 12:06:45 AM
FTimes Report, June 15
The Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism (GICNT) will hold its two-day Plenary Meeting in Helsinki's Finlandia Hall beginning on 16 June, 2015, said a press release of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
Nearly 200 experts from different fields representing 62 countries and five international organisations have registered to attend the meeting.
At present 86 countries are in GICNT and United States and Russia are its co-chairs. The heads of the delegations are high-ranking civil servants.
The Plenary Meeting is the highest decision-making body of the initiative, in which the focal areas of the activities for the next two years will be set, said the release issued on June 11.
A three-day exercise called "Northern Lights" was held in Helsinki in January, bringing together nuclear experts as well as police, customs, and border officials from 25 countries to learn about ways to identify radioactive and nuclear materials that have fallen into the wrong hands.
GICNT is an initiative launched jointly by the United States and Russia in 2006 aimed at preventing terrorists from acquiring, transporting, and using nuclear materials or radioactive substances, or explosives that contain them.
The purpose is to strengthen the national preparedness of partner countries and to improve possibilities for international cooperation.
International expert meetings and exercises are organised within the framework of the initiative.
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