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Wed, 17 Jun, 2015 12:10:42 AM
FTimes Report, June 17
File Photo – Lehtikuva.
A total of 224 persons were killed and 6,677 injured in as many as 5,294 road traffic accidents in the country in 2014, according to Statistics Finland's preliminary data.
There were 34 fewer deaths than in the year before and the number of injured persons remained on level with the previous year.
Examined by age group, the number of road traffic fatalities decreased in nearly every age group, most among the elderly, aged over 64. Fatalities in the group numbered 52, which is 21 fewer than in the year before, the data show.
The number of road traffic fatalities among adults aged 25 to 64 decreased by 13 persons and among young people aged 15 to 24 by four persons.
Road traffic fatalities among persons aged under-14 increased a bit. Slightly over one-third of those injured in road traffic accidents were young persons aged under-25.
Two moped riders and 17 motorcycle riders died in road traffic accidents. Compared with the previous year, three fewer moped riders and seven fewer motorcycle riders died.
Altogether, 36 pedestrians were killed in road traffic accidents in 2014, which is two more than in 2013.
The number of cyclists' road traffic deaths was 24, or four more than in 2013.
Majority of the fatal accidents were head-on collisions and due to swerving of the vehicles. Most injuries were caused in swerving accidents, as per the statistics.
The number of alcohol-related accidents involving personal injury was 533 in 2014. Of these, 459 were drunken driving accidents.  
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