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Wed, 24 Jun, 2015 12:03:15 AM
FTimes - STT Report, June 24
File Photo – Lehtikuva.
The country is under pressure to go by the EU directive to distribute postal mail five days a week.
Jukkapekka Ristola, the director-general of Communications Policy Department at the Ministry of Transport and Communication confirmed the report to the Finnish language tabloid Iltalehti.
The directive calls for five-day delivery but the regulation could be “applied according to the circumstances.”
In Denmark, the directive is tailored in such a way in which postal mail is delivered only three times a week in remote areas.
The legislation on the postal services is currently under preparation. The bill is scheduled to be submitted to parliament in December 2016, revealed Laura Vilkkonen, director of Unit Communications Networks, Communications Policy Department at the Ministry of Transport and Communications.
According to Vilkkonen, it is premature to speculate which model suits the country best.
“It is clear that the universal service obligation cannot be waived. We are now pondering whether part of it can be implemented digitally,” said Vilkkonen.
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