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Home NATIONALConmen disguised as police cheat tourists in Helsinki
Tue, 04 Aug, 2015 12:17:27 AM
FTimes-STT Report, Aug 4
Foreign tourists in Helsinki. Photo Lehtikuva.
Men disguised as police officers were charged with robbing foreign tourists in Helsinki last week.
According to police, three men, one dressed as a tourist and two as police officers, were involved in theft.
The thief dressed as a tourist asked their targeted victim for the route downtown. After this, the two other suspects posing as police officers appeared on scene. 
They gave the fake tourist directions and presented fake credentials. The fake police officers wanted to see passports and money. When the trio disappeared from the scene, the victim noticed that 2600 dollars were missing from his wallet.
The Helsinki police caught the suspects quickly. They were, according to the police, questioned about their deeds. The tourist's money was returned.
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