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Wed, 05 Aug, 2015 12:02:54 AM
Pieces of woman’s body found in bags at Espoo
FTimes – STT Report, Aug 5
Body of a woman found in bags at Järvenperä Espoo. Photo Lehtikuva.
A man was stabbed to death at a house in Utajärvi, Northern Ostrobothnia.
The police received the alarm on Tuesday morning and found the man born in 1951 dead.
A man suspected of committing the act has been arrested. The suspect was born in 1953.
According to the police, another man lives in the house in which the victim was stabbed.
Earlier on Saturday morning, bags containing parts of human remains were discovered in a forest in the Espoo district of Järvenperä.
The body is that of a 1979-born woman, said the police.
The woman lived in a terraced apartment which had earlier been torched near where her remains were found.
The police are investigating the case as murder.
The husband of the woman who is of the same age as the deceased is in remand in suspicion of murder and arson. The man was arrested on Saturday evening in Helsinki.
Another man had been held as a suspected but has so far been cleared.
The police have appealed for witnesses to come forward if they had spotted any suspicious people roaming around Järvenperä on Saturday evening.
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