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Thu, 17 Sep, 2015 12:02:21 AM
FTimes-Xinhua Report, Sep 17

The United States has given a formal request to Finland asking the country to extradite a Russian citizen detained there.

  Russian citizen Maxim Senakh was detained in Finland  while trying to cross the border into Russia on August 8.

 The Finnish action was based on a request from the United States as the Russian had been wanted by a U.S. court on account of alleged computer crimes.

Senakh is being charged with several cases of computer fraud and misdemeanour in the State of Minnesota. He is suspected of having gained considerable benefits from his criminal actions.

Russia expressed indignation at the request and said Finland should not hand over the man to the United States.

 Hannu Taimisto, a senior official of the Finnish ministry of justice, told local media that Finland would first ascertain whether the crimes attributed to the Russian individual are criminal in Finland as well.  

According to the treaty between Finland and the United States and the legislation on extradition, a person suspected of an extraditable offence may be detained, even if no request for his/her extradition has yet been presented.

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