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Home NATIONALPolice to inspect refugee influx at Tornio border
Sun, 20 Sep, 2015 12:00:21 AM
FTimes- Report, Sep 20
Finnish and Swedish border in Tornio, Finland .Border between Finland and Sweden in Tornio , Finland .
Police will begin inspections at the border-crossing at Tornio, says the Interior Ministry. The checks will be carried out via the Aliens Act. 
Refugees will no longer be able to continue to other cities in Finland without first registering as an asylum seeker in Tornio.
From Saturday until Tuesday, if an entrant asks for asylum, they will be redirected to the emergency housing facilities in Tornio. From Tuesday on, asylum applicants will be directed to the border registration centre.
The government decided on Thursday on the establishment of the centre, and the Foreign and Security policy cabinet discussed the matter on Friday.
On Friday, the number of refugees fell well short of expectations. Instead of the almost 1000 entrants expected, there were less than 500 refugees.
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